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Removing Single Use Plastics from our Mountains, Streams, Oceans & Landfills

Removing Single Use Plastics from our Mountains, Streams, Oceans & Landfills

Evolution is imperative.

Sometimes you just get the right day.  Things line up, energies are aligned and thoughts click and flow.  For us, we had one (in fact we've had a few:) and at the time we had no idea how much significance this one would carry for us.

It was a warm day, just over 8 years ago.  With a newborn and a young toddler we were savoring a rare overlapping nap.  We stepped outside to the deck in the bright warm sun with a bottle of chilled sparkling water and a small yellow notepad.

We started making a list.

It wasn't planned, it was spontaneous.  "What are we doing here?" - "What should we be doing?"  It turned into a list that remains framed on our wall as a reminder of values and goals we share.  Some are about changing perceptions.  Some are about slowing down.  Some are about changing behaviors or actions.

One was..."Eliminate disposable items - move to a Farm-To-Table lifestyle"

This has had many repercussions.  One occurring later that week when we purchased about 10 cloth napkins.  All of which we still have, and use at every meal.  It was a small change but it has likely saved over 50k paper napkins over that time.  So what does this have to do with anything now? Well, it's the inspirational thought behind a major shift with our Mountain Bites product line.

We are removing single use plastics (the industry standard) from our Mountain Bites product line!

Traditional packaging has been one of our major pain points in all that we do (it in fact keeps us up at night). At the time of creating our bar line, we had seen no alternatives given our size and the many obstacles we were already facing in a challenging industry.  Over the past 5 years, we've continued to explore, problem solve and think outside the box.

Now we change.  Change to align with our values.  We change to create a solution.  A solution to help us all, future generations & our planet.

So, for a moment, Mountain Bites will not be available while we make this transition.  They won't be at your local grocer, or your favorite coffee shop.  A necessary sacrifice but all worth it in our eyes.

Stay tuned for the new plan, a plan chalk full of post-consumer recycled content and lots of compostable materials.  We're stoked!


Melinda & Todd

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