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Wholesale Program

From the beginning we've worked to be different from most food producers.  We value each and every relationship we have.  Our goal with our wholesale program is be your partner and your ally because we believe that by working together we can make positive change. 

Putting Everyone's Health First
  • Gluten Free, Plant Based, Non-GMO, Vegan, Naturally Sweetened, Made from Whole Food Ingredients, No Preservatives, Minimal processing to preserve nutrient quality, with a focus on sourcing organic Ingredients
Investing in our Community
  • The old-fashioned way, with living-wage jobs to enrich and strengthen our local economy.
Direct Vendor & Supplier Relationships
  • Instead of splitting margins along the way, we go the extra mile to work directly with you.  We have a dedicated account team, customer service team and marketing resources to work directly with you to ensure a successful partnership, all while allowing us to put more quality into each of our products.
We’re never satisfied and are Constantly looking for ways to Improve
  • Reducing Costs to pass on to our Retailers and Consumers to make healthy food more readily available
  • Working to source direct from Farmers and as close to home as possible
  • Working to reduce our Eco-Impact, by working towards eco-conscious packaging & reducing shipping
          1% For the Planet Logo

          Our mission here goes far beyond the food we eat which is why we're proud members of 1% For the Planet.  We are proudly giving 1% back to support Regenerative Agriculture initiatives throughout North America to help reduce climate change and create healthy nutrient dense food for all. 

          Love for our planet and its people.


          We would love to hear from you if you're interested in being a part of the Alkeme Family.

          Call us directly: (250) 362-7008 or (877) 583-7008

          Email us: