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Retailer Testimonial

"We began selling Alkeme bread at the beginning of 2019 and it received excellent reviews from both customers and staff. At that time we were selling an average of 50 loaves per month. We now sell on average over 370 loaves every month, with that number sometimes reaching almost 440 loaves in a month. Sales show no signs of slowing down.

The Alkeme loaves are at a higher price point than the majority of the other gluten free bread products we sell, but I think the sales speak for themselves and our customers quickly realized the value of the product they were buying. The Alkeme loaves are significantly larger than every other gluten-free bread we carry, and the quality is noticeably superior.

The Alkeme Country Loaf is our best-selling gluten-free bread that is stocked only in the freezer, and the two Alkeme loaves make up roughly 40% of our gluten-free bread sales! And that doesn’t include their other products like bagels and baguettes. To put this in perspective, we have over 30 SKUs of gluten-free bread.

Alkeme Gluten Free Sourdough Country Loaf is in the top 5 sellers out of any single bread SKU we sell! Regardless of being Gluten Free or Not! It is quite an accomplishment.  To say that Alkeme bread has a loyal and passionate customer base may be an understatement. It’s not uncommon to have customers taking a fresh loaf from the box as we’re stocking a new delivery, and It definitely does not go unnoticed if we happen to sell out of the bread before the next delivery.

Everyone at Alkeme has been a pleasure to work with, and we are kept updated on any changes that could have an impact on supply or sales. It has been a very easy business relationship to maintain, which is very welcome when it often seems there are not enough minutes in the day."


- Adam Hergott, Grocery Manager @ The Kootenay coop