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FREE SHIPPING on all orders $75+

Baker/Food Production Specialist

This is a different type of kitchen job.  Are you an experienced cook, but looking for a change of scenery?  Or just a change of workflow. 

As part of the Alkeme Foods baking team we are looking for an individuals who are passionate about food, experienced in the kitchen and who has a high attention to detail. As part of our team you will be involved with all aspects of production from mixing ingredients, portioning & shaping, along with packaging and fulfilling orders. In this exciting & fun workplace, Alkeme delivers freshly baked goods to customers throughout Canada so staying on task is essential to ensure that deadlines are met.

So how is this different than other cooking job?

  • We have preset productions schedules for starters!  This means there aren’t spikes and troughs during the day in line with meal time and “rushes” – we just need to maintain our schedule and plan for the day.
  • We produce only a few products which we specialize in so there isn’t a full menu or rotating offering.  And the full spectrum of tasks ranging from ingredient receiving, to mixing, portioning, forming, slicing, packing and loading allow for range of activities throughout the day so the day moves quickly.
  • Finally, a benefit of specializing in a small range of products mean we have very refined processes and some specialty equipment that helps reduce some of the otherwise physical nature of the job.
  • Career Growth Opportunities are top of mind! We are excited for those passionate to continue in the path as cook and/or baker, while also providing career growth opportunities as we're a growing company!  Whether it is in production management, assisting with photography or marketing, gaining customer service skills – we are looking for individuals interested in growing their skills and expanding their career.

About the Role

Previous professional cooking experience is required and baking experience is preferred. As a key member of the Alkeme team your tasks will vary daily including but not limited to the following:

  • Stock, prepare and portion ingredients
  • Mix, portion, roll, bake & slice various bread products
  • Portion & Package products
  • Maintain health, hygiene & food safety guidelines, and cleaning procedures
  • Prepare final products for shipping, stacking onto pallets and hand wrapping pallets
  • Food safety and cleanliness are of the utmost importance, so you will be asked to maintain a clean workstation and maintain the overall cleanliness of bakery and equipment throughout the day.
  • We also allow for on-site customer pick-ups, so a positive attitude, product knowledge and confidence answering questions from customers is important.

Candidate Requirements

  • Passion for food and especially baking
  • Previous professional cooking experience required, baking experience preferred
  • Food Safe Certification Required
  • Able to read and understand production sheets, recipes and instructions
  • Ability to lift up to 55lbs
  • Willingness to work varying shifts (early morning or afternoon/evening) and possibly weekends, on a set schedule of course
  • Enthusiasm for product quality and energy to maintain a well-paced environment
  • Positive attitude and have the ability to work effectively in a team environment OR on their own.

Salary & Benefits

  • 10-20 Hours Per Week
  • Hourly rated based on experience
  • Quarterly Performance-Based Bonus Opportunities
  • Extended Health Benefits Available (Including massage, dental, chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupuncture and more!)

If this sounds like you!  Please send in your resume to