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Baker cutting the edge of the edge of a large tray of granola bars to make the Mountain Bits


Dedicated to doing our part in reducing food waste

Mountain Bits granola is that Oh So Good edge of the pan from our Mountain Bites bars leaving a jam-packed bag of plant based whole food snacking. Rather than taking the traditional manufacturing process and accepting 10% food waste up front we're saving every last bit. Take them on a road trip, add them to a smoothie bowl, or share with your friends on the top of the mountain.

SPECIAL NOTE: We believe that as a food producer it's part of our responsibility to always be innovating new ways to get products to market all while reducing our global impact.  We are excited to be PHASING OUT all single use plastics from our Granola line.  As such, this product line will be unavailable for a time as we make this important transition. 

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