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Plastic Negative Update ☀️

Plastic Negative Update ☀️

At Alkeme Foods, we're thrilled to celebrate a remarkable milestone in our ongoing commitment to environmental conservation, and it's all thanks to our incredible partnership with Repurpose Global. Together, we've had the privilege of removing an impressive 2,460 kilograms (or 5,423 pounds) of ocean-bound plastic from the stunning Indonesian environment as part of Project Laut Yang Tenang. This accomplishment is equivalent to rescuing approximately 136,666 plastic bottles or 492,000 plastic bags from harming our planet.🤍

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Repurpose Global for their leadership and dedication to this mission. They've been the driving force behind the scenes, doing all the essential groundwork to make this initiative a reality. It's their unwavering commitment to tackling plastic pollution that has made this achievement possible.🙌

As we reflect on this significant accomplishment, we're filled with appreciation for the opportunity to contribute to a healthier planet. We firmly believe that every small action counts, and through our collaboration with Repurpose Global, we're not only making a difference but also inspiring positive change in the fight against plastic pollution. Together, we can continue to lead the way toward a cleaner, more sustainable world.🌎

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