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When we think about Earth Day...We think of Stewardship

When we think about Earth Day...We think of Stewardship

We think of the gifts that we're given by our planet, the food we eat, the air we breathe, the forests and oceans that replenish our spirits.  How do we return the favor?

I'm not sure that we can...holistically. Our planet gives in such abundance. 

We can start by being present with our surroundings and appreciating what nature provides. We can do our best to tread lightly, use less, and want less.  We can come together as a collective with creative solutions to replenish our planet's resources.

We are dedicated to continuing our efforts to create a better food system, one with our health and planetary health top of mind.  This year we are happy to be supporting:

  • 1% For the Planet where 1% of our annual sales goes to support the work of Regeneration Canada, a nonprofit promoting soil regeneration in order to mitigate climate change, restore biodiversity, improve water cycles and support a healthy food system.

  • RePurpose Global as a Certified Plastic Negative Company to reduce our overall waste impact, and contribute to new innovative technology for future solutions.

  • nonGMO Project.  All of our products are nonGMO Certified keeping harmful GMOs out of our and future generations food supply.

  • Unscented Co. by implementing their refill stations in our production facility and removing single use cleaning products.

We have much more to share on these initiatives, so stay tuned as we share in the coming weeks.  These are just a few things we can do and we will continue to improve as there's so much more to do and to give back.  We are not perfect.  We are not operating at our target level.  But everyday we strive to get better. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey! 
Happy Earth Day!
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