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Beverages: Single-Estate Maccha

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Maccha, a form of green tea that has been enjoyed in China and Japan for hundreds of years. Taking the leaves and carefully turning them to a fine powder makes this smooth tea experience far stronger than regular tea. Renowned for it's numerous health benefits, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties it's the perfect part of your daily ritual.


Fujioka is a master of single cultivar production, allowing Jagasilk to explore camellia sinensis via the variety. He places a major emphasis on healthy soil and pure processes which is directly reflected in the tea he produces.  Fujioka chose to give his Okuda lot a rest this year for the second harvest and produced this beautiful alternative from his Fukada lot instead.

Jagasilk freshly mills this beautiful tea in micro batches for optimum freshness in Victoria, BC.  Taking extra care to source direct from the farmers to have open dialogue about each tea and spice that they use.  As they say "Fresh means nutritional integrity, memorable flavour, and happiness."


Komquat, Cacao nib, Nasturtium

  • Estate: Fujioka’s micro-lot
  • Cultivar: Okumidori
  • Harvested: July 2019 (2nd flush)
  • Elevation: 300m
  • Region: Uji, Kyoto, Japan
  • Batch size: 18kg
  • Fresh-milled in Victoria, BC, Canada by JagaSilk
Take a look at this tutorial by JagaSilk as they walk you through the step-by-step method to preparing the perfect Maccha.