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Beverages: 'Dirty' Adaptogenic Coffee Blend

by rasa
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Adaptogenic Coffee - Your daily coffee with a hug for your nervous system

We love DIRTY for it's ability to keep us energized with just a touch of caffeine without all the jitters.  A wonderful mood booster providing energy all day!  Rasa's signature adaptogenic formula blended with women-picked fair-trade coffee, packed with adaptogens and antioxidants to keep your nervous system cradled with support on those days that you need a little extra boost.

Using special combinations of adaptogens — herbs that help your body adapt to stress — these ancient masters cracked the code on stable energy without side effects. Rasa creates, the only herbal coffee alternatives that offers functional benefits, herbalist-formulated to combine the best of drawing on Ayurvedic, Chinese, & Western herbalism to create a nourishing coffee alternative that holistically supports your health and energy when you need extra strength against stress.

  • 30 Servings Per Container (8oz), 4 servings Per Container (1oz)
  • 35 mg caffeine per 8 oz cup (~1/5 a regular cup of coffee) or brew it double-strong if you want more juice
  • Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Sustainably Sourced
  • Fair trade coffee—sourced only from women-owned and operated farms
  • Packed full of adaptogens - superherbs that help reduce stress and provide calm energy all day long

  • Fair-trade, women-picked coffee
  • Roasted chicory
  • Burdock
  • Dandelion roots
  • Eleuthero
  • Shatavari
  • He shou wu
  • Codonopsis
  • Chaga mycelium
  • Ashwagandha
  • Rhodiola
  • Ceylon cinnamon
  • Reishi extract
  • Just like coffee, dark and delicious but rounded out with a touch of earthy and nutty notes

  • Boil Water
  • Add water & Rasa to french press (1 tbsp per 8 oz of water)
  • Let stand for 10-20 minutes in your French Press then press
  • Pour & Sip

You can't go wrong whether this beverage is hot or cold and for some extra credit: put in your favorite add-ins—fave creamer, fat, sweetener, however you like it.