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Free Shipping on all orders of $75 or more! And 5% automatically taken off orders of $100+

Beverages: BOLD Adaptogenic Energy Tonic

by rasa
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Adaptogenic Energy Rush without the Caffeine

Look no further, perfectly described as an Energy Tonic, this refreshing beverage is embodied energy. Deep energy. Focus without the hard edge. An easier access to flow.  BOLD is mind altering and redefining how the physical body relates to energy.

This potent comprehensive formula is designed for athletes, parents, entrepreneurs, creatives, & all of us navigating this intense modern world.

To create this powerful blend Rasa referenced dozens of adaptogen studies to create a powerful formula based on scientifically-backed dosages for 9 different adaptogens. To give their rich and roasted Rasa base that extra kick, choosing full-spectrum extracts. Unlike standardized extracts or isolates, full-spectrum extracts give the desired increase in potency while preserving the herbs’ natural ratio of compounds. This ensures that the safety and efficacy demonstrated for thousands of years of traditional practice still apply.

BOLD potentiates your empowered, confident, best self.

Using special combinations of adaptogens — herbs that help your body adapt to stress — these ancient masters cracked the code on stable energy without side effects. Rasa creates, the only herbal coffee alternatives that offers functional benefits, herbalist-formulated to combine the best of drawing on Ayurvedic, Chinese, & Western herbalism to create a nourishing coffee alternative that holistically supports your health and energy when you need extra strength against stress.

  • 30 Servings Per Container (8oz), 4 servings Per Container (1oz)
  • 9 adaptogenic herbs in their clinically-studied effective doses, added to an already packed house of adaptogens - superherbs that help reduce stress and provide calm energy all day long
  • Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Sustainably Sourced
  • Roasted Chicory
  • Burdock
  • Dandelion roots
  • Cacao
  • Shatavari
  • Codonopsis
  • Eleuthero
  • He shou wu
  • Eleuthero extract
  • Rhodiola Extract
  • Ceylon cinnamon
  • Cordyceps Extract
  • Lions Mane Extract
  • Schisandra Extract
  • Gynostemma extract
  • Shilajit extract
  • Chaga
  • <1% cassava dextrin as a necessary processing agent so the extracts don't get all clumpy
  • Rich, smooth, and potent with a hint of cacao
  • Boil Water
  • Add water & Rasa to french press (1 tbsp per 8 oz of water)
  • Let stand for 10-20 minutes in your French Press then press
  • Pour & Sip

You can't go wrong whether this beverage is hot or cold and for some extra credit: put in your favorite add-ins—fave creamer, fat, sweetener, however you like it.