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We love good food.
Always have.

We live an active lifestyle tucked away in our small mountain town – a lifestyle where nourishment and convenience are often at odds with one another. Rifling through store shelves in search of foods NOT filled with natural flavours, chemical ingredients, excessive sugar, and other modifiers was fruitless. So, we asked ourselves...

"Does it need to be this way?"

No. It doesn’t.

So, we began cooking – from scratch – basic pantry items to feed ourselves.

Overwhelmingly, we found we were not alone in our search.

Many had grown sick of the household pantry options, but felt helpless due to the necessity of convenience. And like that, we found ourselves in the middle of a quest to transform the foods we eat.

Inspired by our local community and the beautiful world around us, our dedicated gluten-free facility uses handmade techniques to transform simple ingredients into nutrient-dense foods.

Everything we create is manufactured in small batches to ensure the highest quality product we can produce. By hand selecting ingredients and minimal processing, we making food that is truly nourishing to the body. After all...

...we are what we eat