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We LOVE Supporting Our Plant Based Friends

We LOVE Supporting Our Plant Based Friends

Today is World Vegan Day 🌱, and at Alkeme, we're celebrating our commitment to supporting our friends and customers who follow a plant-based lifestyle.

While not all of us are plant-based ourselves, we take pride in offering products that cater to a diverse range of dietary choices and needs. Many gluten-free bread options on the market are filled with concerning and often animal-derived ingredients. Here at Alkeme, we stand out by crafting our bread using only recognizable, plant-based ingredients. We're thrilled to provide delicious and wholesome options for those who choose a vegan and gluten-free path!

In honor of this special day, we'd like to showcase our delectable burger bun - why?! Because they are so often associated with meat! BUT nowadays the world of plant-based options is flourishing!!! This image (though hard to tell) features one of our personal favorites - the simple, yet hearty, portobello mushroom.

Regardless of your dietary needs and preferences, may we all remember to work toward a more ethical and sustainable food system - together!

Much Love,

The Alkeme Team

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